Free Libya!

The Association of British Muslims calls upon the Libyan people and people of all nations to rise up in every peaceful way to end the ruthless regime of Libyan Dictator Colonel Gaddafi, who must be brought to justice for his crimes against the Libyan people.

Through his bloody clampdown on peaceful political activists, Gaddafi declared war against his own people. The Libyan people are not standing alone in their battle for freedom and their struggle for a representative government of Libya, by the people of Libya. Leaders, regardless whether they are dictators, democrats or demagogues, need to be aware that people – whether in the Middle East or elsewhere – are not slaves of anyone and its high time that those who wish to be seen as leaders, recognise that they are the servants of their people – not their masters!

The Association of British Muslims calls upon all governments to assist the Libyan people in their desire to rid themselves of Colonel Gaddafi’s ruthless regime and to help the Libyan people bring him to justice. Any government granting him asylum, will be seen as an accomplice in the aiding and abetting of an international criminal.

The Libyan people, along with the Bahrainis, Tunisians and Egyptians, have the same rights as any other human being, to peacefully express discontent and call for reform in their own country. Attacks on innocent people cannot be swept under the carpet by anyone – the Human Family is one, that is made up of different tribes, races, religions, spiritual and political philosophies and we are embracing one another and working towards our common humanity.

Paul Salahuddin Armstrong, Co-Director
Mohammed Abbasi, Co-Director
Dan Littauer, Human Rights and Press Director

The Association of British Muslims

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