HRH The Duke of Edinburgh, RIP

HRH The Duke of Edinburgh, RIP

“If a man behaves properly in matters between himself and Allah, then Allah will keep proper the matters between him and other people. If a man keeps proper the affairs of his next life, then Allah keeps proper for him the affairs of this world. Whoever is a preacher for himself is protected by Allah.”
~ Imam Ali ibn Abu Talib

Deepest condolences to HM The Queen and the Royal Family. Today we remember everything HRH The Prince Philip, The Duke of Edinburgh has contributed to our country, HM Armed Forces, the Commonwealth, conservation, renewable energy, the Duke of Edinburgh Award, diplomacy, interfaith, peaceful dialogue, nurturing wisdom, and so much more… All in his typically self-effacing humble way, often not taking credit where credit was certainly due.

We pray Allah ﷻ looks kindly upon the Duke of Edinburgh and grants his soul an easy transition to the next realm and grants him a place in Paradise. May Allah bless Muhammad ﷺ and the family of Muhammad.

Al-Fatihah 🤲🏻💐

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