Joel Hayward – The Leadership of Muhammad ﷺ

Joel Hayward – The Leadership of Muhammad ﷺ

Mohammed Abbasi and I had the great honour and pleasure to be joined earlier today by Professor Joel Hayward to discuss his latest book, “The Leadership of Muhammad ﷺ”. We had a fascinating discussion about the challenges the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ faced during his life and how he met them, in many ways very practically and skillfully.

We were joined by a number of distinguished friends including Dr Safi Kaskas, Professor Afzal Ashraf, Professor Zafar Iqbal, Owais Rajput, and Muhammad Tsany Qudsi.

The discussion was very interesting and there were many issues people wanted to discuss but didn’t get around to on this occasion, so we have invited Professor Joel to join us again in the near future, so please look out for that.

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