Kenya And The Cure To Extremism

 1371697_10152396681467715_175818870_nWhat is happening in Kenya is abhorrent, it goes without saying to be honest and I will say with full conviction and authority as a Muslim representative in UK that Islam and terrorism are not synonymous!

The growth of Islamist terrorist cells is down to one major factor; Modernist Salafist sectarianism home grown from the likes of Saudi Arabistan and Egypt not surprisingly with the helping hand of that old not forgotten relic the so called “British Empire”. None of these sectarian groups be it shabaab, hamas, hezbollah or taliban have ever represented true traditional Islamic teaching for they all reject it, down to the fact that the vast majority of major scholars in Islam were actually Sufis.

Sufism may I add is not a sect nor a private group of believers, Sufism [Tasawwuf] is the word given by the great scholars of Islam to describe that very science within Islam that deals with the deep spiritual aspects of ones life, plus it’s also a linage of teaching that goes back from teacher to teacher right back to the Messenger of Allah himself, peace be upon him, Muhammad Ibn Abdullah.

Want a stop to these freaks that are not only attacking none muslims, but also muslims? I suggest the key is Sufism! For with Sufism it teaches that we are all ONE, no matter what religion or sexuality we may be. All the freaking mentalist terrorist groups have none what so ever, devoid of any form of deep spirituality and their very actions are the manifestations of that!

The great Sufi teachers have always taught that one cannot reach a true spirituality without love and compassion and that one cannot ever reach enlightenment with any form of hate in the heart. When you change the heart of men you change the world!

Ma salaama,

Muhammad Hamzah (Celt Islam)
Cultural Director, The Association of British Muslims.


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