Statement on the British Parliament’s vote to recognise Palestine

Statement on the British Parliament’s vote to recognise Palestine


The Association of British Muslims (AOBM) overwhelmingly welcomes the move in which British MPs voted with a clear majority in favour of recognising Palestine as an independent state at the end of a debate in the House of Commons.

AOBM congratulates the 274 MPs who upheld traditional British values of freedom, rule of law and justice by voting in favour of the motion calling on the British government to recognise the state of Palestine alongside the state of Israel.

We believe that lasting peace can only be achieved in the region by achieving the goal of two-states founded upon the principles of tolerance, pluralism and inclusiveness.

The majority vote in the lower House not only represents the country’s national interest but it will also have a long term constructive effect on our reputation as a country in the comity of nations.

The majority vote has restored dignity to the Parliament and although the vote and the outcome are non-binding in strict legal sense, AOBM hopes that it will be a significant determining feature in shaping our foreign policy in the Middle East in the months up to the elections and beyond.


Zahid Ali Akbar, Human Rights Director, The Association of British Muslims

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