Statement on the UK Riots

Statement on the UK Riots

British Muslims, like all right minded people, will have been shocked and appalled at the wanton destruction and crimes witnessed on our streets over the past few days. Attacks on people, businesses and property are assaults on the lives and livelihoods of decent hardworking people, trying to get by during difficult times, and the perpetrators are beneath contempt.

The Association of British Muslims calls upon everyone to make a concerted effort to address the problems our communities face. Our thoughts are with the innocent people who have been deprived of their health, homes, businesses, property, and with the police, fire and ambulance services as they try to restore order to our streets.

During this holy month of Ramadan, we call upon all British Muslims to do whatever you can to help the victims of this indicrimate violent crime. Islam teaches us to be a pillar of support to the communities in which we live. We are confident British Muslims will work with people from the wider society, to help clean up and rebuild once order is restored.

People should work together in solidarity for the betterment of everyone in our society, not destroying or terrorising their own communities. We appeal to the rioters to reconsider what they are doing; they will have to live with what they are doing now for the rest of their lives, among the people they have injured and the communities they have terrorised.

What goes around comes around, we will receive the same in return as that which we have done unto others. The rioters may think they’re profiting from their actions, but they’re ultimately only wrecking their own lives along with the lives of others.

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