A Cut too far…

Cutting the EMA is a shameful attack on those who can afford it the least.

Instead of looking forward to Christmas, students are currently protesting all over the country due to deep cuts in the education sector and increases in university fees. Now, sixth form and college students are set to join them, after the government decided to add education maintenance allowance (EMA) to the cuts. Currently, students between the ages of 16-18 from families on low incomes, receive £10, £20, or £30 per week, depending on overall household income. Although not a lot of money, this is a lifeline for students from low income families.

The Association of British Muslims call on the government to rethink it’s policy of excessive cuts in education. Students are the future of our country. Hitting students with these cuts, is not only a disgraceful break of trust and civil rights, but inevitably harms the future economic prosperity of our nation and her people.


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